The best of both!

Promanade Decking Board

Promenade decking is a great combination of PVC toughness with the beauty of a WPC wood plastic composite finish.

Promenade decking boards are manufactured from tough PVC to give them their strength. They also have an upper surface that is made of WPC, a wood/plastic composite material, which is bonded to the PVC base. WPC feels comfortable and warm to the touch, an effect that is enhanced by the timber grain that we emboss into our Promenade deck boards. Half of the WPC material is PVC and half is timber sawdust that is ethically sourced.

This smooth feel makes Promenade great for children to play on, safe in the knowledge that they won’t get splinters or scratch themselves on raised edges. Because WPC contains timber the colour will fade predictably in the first few weeks to a great looking natural finish – but that’s where the similarities with timber end. Unlike timber your deck won’t encourage the growth of unsightly lichen that is so hard to remove and is so dangerous on wooden decks.

The grain effect on our boards provides good grip at all times, so your deck will always be a safe place to stand or walk come rain or shine.

And you won’t get splinters from your Promenade deck. It won’t twist or deform, it will be quiet to walk on and best of all it will last for years - and you won’t have to treat it once.

Available in 3m and 6m lengths. The board is 145mm wide. The Deck Clips used to secure each board set a gap of 5mm between boards. Thus each board has a "cover area" of 150mm.