What is DekBoard

The DekBoard decking and balustrade system is designed to look great, be tough, last for years, and do all that without the need for traditional maintenance.

It is the durable alternative to timber decking that gives you a secure foothold, wet or dry. It doesn’t encourage the growth of slippery lichen and it is so easy to clean.

With DekBoard decking you can create a clean, safe and secure outdoor deck for rest, play and getting together. It’s a decking system that will increase the usable area in and around your house, caravan or park home, allowing you to spill outdoors and still feel safe, clean and in control of your own space.

Come rain or shine, this is your deck space, the place where you can set up your patio furniture and a small forest of pot plants, sunbathe, throw a party, or where you just take off your boots before going indoors when the weather hasn’t been too kind.